Ian Horncastle

  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Company Name: Photomayhem

Professional Status: Professional

Specialized In

Fashion,Potrait,Swimsuit,Topless/Lingerie,Artistic Nude Figure

About Me

Known as a creative photographer, Ian's work has been seen throughout Australia, China, the USA and London.  Ian's photography Art has appeared in several international publications, with his exploration of the human form that is technically balanced and composed to create an image thats simply unique to todays photography art. Ian has had the opportunity to work with some of Australia's famous faces and TV celebrities, Australian Olympic Athletes and well known music identities.

Ian continues to expand his portfolio by creating work thats creatively different by using his imagination and naked eye in delivering difference in photography.

Ian is constantly seeking new innovative ideas and collaborations with people around the world, Ian is commercially, technically and creatively knowledgeable with diverse contacts and influence from many Artists around the world, is why Ian thrives to succeed in the business of Art.

?Ian is also known for his charity work with fashion events & stage shows around Sydney to raise funds for Lifeline Australia. Ian's strong passion is to support local and international Groups in the fight towards the prevention of depression and Suicide.????

Ian has great travel options, and is often traveling Australia especially the east coast of NSW and country areas, his service are not limited to Sydney, and would consider all National and International opportunities.


Ian Horncastle




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